Lizzo Channeled "Avatar: The Way Of Water"'s Tsireya While Hitting The Beach On Vacation

    The Avatar scene we didn't know we needed.

    Lizzo is taking her Avatar fandom to the next level!

    A closeup of Lizzo

    While recently on vacation, the musician decided to recreate a scene from Avatar: The Way of Water on her TikTok account — and she totally nailed it.

    Closeup of Lizzo

    For her cosplay moment, Lizzo hit the beach in a black bikini and tried out one of TikTok's Avatar face filters.

    Lizzo in the water with an avatar filter on her face

    Lizzo channeled one of the film's new characters, Tsireya, as she waded through the waters toward the beach.

    Tsireya looks over at another character in the film

    She stitched the clip side-by-side with one of Tsireya's scenes from the film, joking about how much effort went into making the TikTok.

    Lizzo stands in a bikini and flips her hair next to Tsireya doing the same

    "Yes i saved this video.. uploaded it private…then duetted myself… 🤭," Lizzo captioned the clip.


    #duet with @lizzo yes i saved this video.. uploaded it private…then duetted myself… 🤭

    ♬ original sound - lizzo

    Fans were super supportive of Lizzo's Avatar moment — and actually demanded that she be cast in the next sequel.

    A closeup of Lizzo

    And while Avatar 3 is still a long way off, Lizzo decided to give fans one more look at her potential character.

    A closeup of Lizzo

    "Tell James Cameron I’m ready…" Lizzo captioned the video.


    Replying to @g6brie1 tell James Cameron I’m ready…

    ♬ Becoming one of "The People" Becoming one with Neytiri - James Horner

    Time to hit up Lizzo, James!