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Kristen Stewart Says She "Scared" Other Met Gala Guests With Her Accidental Wardrobe Malfunction

"I look down, and literally my [nipple] is in their faces."

Kristen Stewart has been to the Met Gala quite a few times — but what happened this year was definitely a first for her.

Kristen flips her ponytail at the event
Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

After walking the famous staircase in a complete Chanel look, Kristen joined the other guests at the designer's table inside.

A full length of Kristen in white pants and a pink Chanel jacket
Taylor Hill / WireImage / Getty Images

But when she began speaking with tennis superstar Emma Raducanu and Gossip Girl's Whitney Peak, she quickly realized something was off.

Kristen posing with Emma and Whitney
Arturo Holmes / Getty Images

"So I go to the Met ball and there's a new set of kids at the Chanel table. There was a beautiful young tennis player and a young actress," Kristen explained to People.

She continued, "I'm talking to them, saying, 'Welcome, I've done this a couple times,' and they look like I'm scaring them."

Kristen looks over her shoulder at the event
Mike Coppola / Getty Images

It turns out that Kristen was completely flashing her table mates after deciding to take her jacket off.

Kristen puts her hand up to wave at the event
Theo Wargo / Getty Images

"I look down, and literally my [nipple] is in their faces. I was like, 'Okay, sorry, I'll put that away now,'" Kristen joked.

Kristen puts up a peace sign
Theo Wargo / Getty Images

And while it may have been a somewhat embarrassing situation for Kristen, she's glad that it'll probably be a funny story to tell for the others in attendance.

Kristen posing with Emma and Whitney
Arturo Holmes / Getty Images

"They're like, 'Who is this crazy old actress at the Met Ball?' This is going to be a story for them when they're older," Kristen concluded.

A closeup of Kristen at the event
Sean Zanni / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images