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    Kit Harington Had A Hilarious Reaction When He Found A "Game Of Thrones" Slot Machine In Las Vegas

    You know nothing, Jon Snow.

    Kit Harington wasn't exactly happy when he discovered a Game of Thrones slot machine in Las Vegas.

    Kit looks serious while wearing a suit jacket and white button down at an event
    Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

    During a recent trip to Sin City, Kit came across the GoT-branded slot machine while walking through a casino.

    A photo of the slot machine in a casino
    George Rose / Getty Images

    Kit's pal Rob McElhenney was on hand to capture his hilarious reaction — which may have made him realize something about his HBO contract.

    "When you realize your deal didn’t include merchandising rights," the TikTok voiceover said.


    #got #merch #vegas

    ♬ original sound - Rob McElhenney

    The video pans to Kit's straight-faced reaction, which has now been viewed over 2 million times on the app.

    Kit stars blankly ahead looking like he is realizing something
    @rmcelhenney / Via

    Rob later shared a follow-up video, asking Kit what he thought of his TikTok account, to which he replied, "Isn't that for kids?"


    #jonsnow #youknow #nothing #bird

    ♬ original sound - Rob McElhenney

    In response, Rob offered his own displeased straight-faced reaction.

    Rob looks straight ahead while Kit stares at him in the background
    @rmcelhenney / Via

    While it's not clear if Kit actually missed out monetarily on his contract, it definitely could be the case — Jon Snow knows nothing, after all!

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