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    Kit Harington Had A Hilarious Reaction When He Found A "Game Of Thrones" Slot Machine In Las Vegas

    You know nothing, Jon Snow.

    Kit Harington wasn't exactly happy when he discovered a Game of Thrones slot machine in Las Vegas.

    Kit looks serious while wearing a suit jacket and white button down at an event

    During a recent trip to Sin City, Kit came across the GoT-branded slot machine while walking through a casino.

    A photo of the slot machine in a casino

    Kit's pal Rob McElhenney was on hand to capture his hilarious reaction — which may have made him realize something about his HBO contract.

    "When you realize your deal didn’t include merchandising rights," the TikTok voiceover said.

    The video pans to Kit's straight-faced reaction, which has now been viewed over 2 million times on the app.

    Kit stars blankly ahead looking like he is realizing something

    Rob later shared a follow-up video, asking Kit what he thought of his TikTok account, to which he replied, "Isn't that for kids?"

    In response, Rob offered his own displeased straight-faced reaction.

    Rob looks straight ahead while Kit stares at him in the background

    While it's not clear if Kit actually missed out monetarily on his contract, it definitely could be the case — Jon Snow knows nothing, after all!