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    Hilary Duff Is Stressing About Whether She's Considered "Cheugy," And I'm Not Totally Sure

    "I've been stressing for days about this."

    Hilary Duff just discovered what "cheugy" means — but to be fair, I think a lot of people just discovered what "cheugy" means.

    Hilary smiles while attending an event

    And in case you haven't updated your pop culture glossary just yet, "cheugy" refers to someone or something that's out of date and/or "trying too hard."

    A screenshot of the Urban Dictionary definition

    If you need some examples, take it from the woman who helped coin the term:


    Expand 👏 your 👏 vocabulary 👏 to 👏 include 👏 made 👏 up 👏 words 👏#greenscreen #cheugy #cheug

    ♬ original sound - Hal

    After Hilary did some research into the word, she became pretty concerned about whether or not she herself is cheugy.

    "Listen, guys, I've been stressing for days about this. Ever since I heard the word? Fear overcoming my mind. Like, am I cheugy? Are you cheugy? Do you know if you're cheugy?" Hilary asked on her Instagram story.

    A screenshot of Hilary talking on Instagram stories while lying down with her baby

    She continued, "Is someone who's cheugy aware of it? Is it a big deal to be cheugy?"

    And concluded with the question that most millennials are probably asking: "What the fuck is going on?"

    A screenshot of Hilary talking on Instagram stories while lying down with her baby

    Hilary didn't reveal what the consensus was from her followers, so whether or not she's cheugy is still up for debate.

    Taking into account that Hilary is still very relevant and has a super-successful acting career, I'd personally deem her not cheugy.

    But also, considering that BuzzFeed is "kinda cheugy" and I'm the one writing this article, I might not be an authority on the matter.

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    So, what do you think? Is Hilary Duff cheugy? Comment below!