Harry Styles Spoke Out About One Of His Songs Having The Same Name As One Of Taylor Swift's Releases

    "We will always wonder."

    Harry Styles' upcoming release, Harry's House, may share a song title with Taylor Swift — but the lyrics definitely aren't about her.

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    After Harry revealed the tracklist of his new album, many fans were left wondering if there was a connection between his song "Daylight" and Taylor's 2019 song of the same name.

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    Unfortunately for Haylor shippers, it sounds like the shared name is totally just a coincidence.

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    When Harry was recently asked about it all during an interview with Howard Stern, he cleared things up.

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    "You know I'd love to tell you you're spot-on, but you're not. We will always wonder," Harry said in response to the rumors.

    And fans weren't really wondering for too long because Harry went on to say the song was actually about a woman who had not responded in the way he had anticipated, leaving him frustrated.

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    Harry also shared a little bit about the recording process, explaining that the song came together during a late-night "stream of consciousness" moment in the studio.

    Harry came up with some of the lyrics right as his cowriters were ready to head home, but he knew they "had to find a way to finish" it that night.

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    Fortunately, they all pushed through, staying up through the night to get the song done and celebrating by watching the sun rise on the beach.

    So while "Daylight" might not be about Taylor, only time will tell if there are any songs on the album that are actually about her!