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Howard Stern

The Best-Named Super PAC Ever?

Say hello to the "Howard Stern Fans For a Baba Booey Tomorrow, Tomorrow" PAC.


Watch Howard Stern And David Letterman Trash Jay Leno

Late-night wars come and go, but grudges last forever. Renowned Jay Leno-hater Howard Stern joined David Letterman on tonight's "Late Show" to congratulate Letterman on his 30 years in late-night TV. And since Letterman hates Leno just as much as Stern does, what better way to celebrate than by spending five minutes talking smack about him!

Artie Lange Is Returning To Radio

But he won't be heard on The Howard Stern Show. Fox Sports Radio struck a deal with the King of All Media's former sidekick for a talk show with his comic friend Nick DiPaolo. Lange announced that the show is scheduled to begin September 12, although he is saving the details of his January 2010 suicide attempt for a hopeful appearance on Stern. Fingers crossed, Artie. (via.)


Howard Stern vs. Sarah Palin (NSFW)

Howard Stern had some choice words for Sarah Palin regarding her handling of the shooting in Tucson. The kindest thing he could find to say about her was that she was a "fucking crybaby." It goes downhill from there. Because Howard Stern's the political commentator America deserves, but not the one it needs right now.


NSFW Excerpts from Sarah Palin's Audiobook

Howard Stern spliced together bits and pieces from Sarah Palin's audiobook to create a very juicy, explicit clip.

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