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    Gwyneth Paltrow And Her Daughter, Apple, Get Birthday Piercings Together Every Year

    She's not like a regular mom...

    Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter, Apple, like to do something a little out of the ordinary (and a little painful) on the teen's birthday.

    Each year, the mother-daughter duo celebrate the occasion by getting a new piercing.

    "Every year on Apple's birthday, we get a new piercing — it’s this little tradition we have," Gwyneth recently explained.

    And since Apple just turned 17...those piercings are probably starting to add up!

    The tradition is so special that it helped inspire Gwyneth's new Goop line of jewelry, G. Label, which includes earrings named in Apple's honor.

    "She was a big inspiration for this collection and helped me refine the designs. I named the pieces after her and her best friends. She’ll definitely be 'borrowing' her namesake earrings," Gwyneth shared on Goop's site.

    The new collection features "incredibly versatile" pieces that range from $650 to $2,500, with Apple's namesake earrings coming in at $1,450.

    Over the past few years, Apple has gotten increasingly involved in her mom's business, from modeling her Goop clothing line to helping launch a new skincare product.

    It sounds like Gwyneth may have found the perfect candidate to take over the reins for Goop one day!