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    Dua Lipa's Dress At The "Barbie" Premiere Was Totally See-Through, Leaving Very Little To The Imagination

    Honestly, a serve.

    Dua Lipa left very little to the imagination at the premiere of the Barbie movie last night!

    A close-up of Dua

    The singer channeled her Mermaid Barbie character in a sparkling, diamond-embellished gown — that just happened to be completely sheer.

    A full-length shot of Dua's outfit

    The fishnet Bottega Veneta dress was custom-made and featured a matching silver thong...and pretty much nothing else.

    A full-length shot of Dua's outfit from behind

    And I definitely mean nothing else.

    A close-up of Dua's dress from the waist up

    "It's very sparkly and fun, and I just thought it would match my mermaid character in Barbie, so I just went with it," Dua said of her look.

    While Dua no doubt looked incredible, the response to her dress was a little mixed, with some fans wishing she had added a pop of pink — or something a little more PG.

    A close-up front view of Dua's outfit

    "Weren't there like a bunch of kids there 💀💀💀," one fan follower commented on Dua's Instagram.

    A screenshot of the comment

    Another added, "Bruh kids are watching this movie and you out here with a see through dress on….🗿"

    A screenshot of the comment

    "That see through dress is a no…she could’ve embraced the pink some way ☹️," someone else wrote — and racked up over 1,800 likes.

    A screenshot of the comment

    And Dua definitely isn't the first celebrity to get slack for their risqué red carpet attire lately.

    A close-up of Dua

    Fans have been critical of Florence Pugh's sheer outfits at events, most recently when she wore a sheer lavender gown at Paris Fashion Week.

    Florence wears a sheer chiffon flowy gown

    Back in March, Ciara was also slammed after wearing a see-through dress to an Oscars afterparty.

    Ciara wears a netted diamond halter-top gown with a plunging neckline

    Thankfully, these ladies seem completely unbothered by the criticism and are gonna keep wearing whatever they like — as they should!