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    The Trailer For The "Dear Evan Hansen" Movie Just Dropped, And I Just Want To Know Who Thought Ben Platt Could Pass For A High Schooler

    How do you do, fellow kids?

    The trailer for the Dear Evan Hansen movie has officially dropped, and people have a few questions.

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    Like, how exactly are we supposed to believe that 27-year-old star Ben Platt is a teenager, when he is very obviously not?

    A screenshot of Ben in the movie

    In the film adaptation of the Tony Award–winning Broadway musical, Ben is reprising his role as socially anxious high schooler Evan Hansen, the role that first skyrocketed him to fame.

    Ben performing during his Broadway run

    And even though he's not the first adult actor to portray a teenager (I'm looking at you, Glee and every show on the CW), it's somehow not sitting well with some.

    A screenshot of Ben in the movie

    There were a lot of jokes about it:

    ben platt during his first day of shooting dear evan hansen (2021)

    @ayellowlamp / Via Twitter: @ayellowlamp

    Ben Platt in the Dear Evan Hansen trailer:

    @caitlinhberg / Via Twitter: @caitlinhberg

    i got a message about the dear evan hansen trailer while watching it and wanted to be like “haha i’m watching too” and i accidentally got the best fucking screenshot imaginable

    @alisousa4 / Via Twitter: @alisousa4

    the DEAR EVAN HANSEN trailer is really giving GREASE energy

    @MaddyDucharme / Via Twitter: @MaddyDucharme

    i understand why they cast Ben Platt as Evan Hansen, i don't understand why they made him look about ten years older than he is. i honest to god thought this was Kyle Mooney at first.

    @tahukann / Via Twitter: @tahukann

    This fan even came prepared with an alternate casting choice:

    since evan hansen is trending..... lets appreciate what could have been ie andrew barth feldman who is the Actual age of evan and connor in the musical

    Twitter: @voiceofernst

    And even though it's pretty hard to get past, this fan reminded everyone that we seem to deal with it just fine in other shows:

    people criticizing ben for being too old to be in dear evan hansen like they don’t watch outerbanks, euphoria, 13rw, vampire diaries, glee, mean girls etc

    @BBstan__ / Via Twitter: @BBstan__

    In conclusion:

    Watched the trailer for DEAR EVAN HANSEN and I think we destroyed the Golden Globes just in time.

    @GuyLodge / Via Twitter: @GuyLodge

    Dear Evan Hansen will hit theaters on September 24. Will you be watching it? Let us know in the comments below, and if you liked what you read, give these Twitter users a follow to make your timeline a more fun place to be!