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Cardi B Took Her 2-Year-Old Daughter On A $29,000 "Crazy Shopping" Spree

"God gave me a doll for a reason!"

Cardi B isn't shy about spoiling her daughter, Kulture.

Cardi holds Kulture on a red carpet
Rich Fury / Getty Images

The rapper just shared that she went on a little bit of a shopping spree for the 2-year-old...that happened to total $29,000.

The haul included seven designer bags as well as some other expensive accessories.

"I went crazy shopping. All for Kulture, though, nothing is mine. All KK," Cardi said on her Instagram story, along with a video that included Chanel and Dior boxes.

"What? God gave me a doll for a reason!" she added, later posting a photo of Kulture holding one of her new bags.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Cardi also gave an overview of the purchases, with each of the bags reportedly retailing for over $3,000.

Cardi showing some of the new items she purchased Kulture today while shopping.πŸ› β€œ This what happens when God gives me the babygirl I always wanted 😩.I shop more for her then I do for myself @ kulturekiari . β€œ Via; her Instagram. ( April 6th, 2021. ) @iamcardib

@TheBardiLegacy / @iamcardib / Via Twitter: @TheBardiLegacy

Cardi also noted that the purchases were the result of God giving her "the babygirl I always wanted."

This isn't the first time Kulture has been totally spoiled by her parents β€” she was also gifted with a Birkin bag for her birthday last year.

After facing some backlash for the expensive purchase, Cardi justified the gift by saying that the little girl deserves to be as "fly" as her parents.

@iamcardib / Via Twitter: @iamcardib

"If I'm fly and Daddy's fly, then so is the kid. If I'm wearing Cha-nay-nay, my kid's having the same-same, you know what I'm saying? It's not up to what the kids like. If it was the kids, they'd be outside in diapers. Because if I was looking like a bad bitch, expensive bitch, and I have my kid looking like a bum-bum, then y'all would be talking shit. So I'm not mad that Daddy bought baby a Birkin. She's gonna match Mommy," Cardi explained.

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