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    Cardi B Just Shared Her Daughter Kulture's Hilarious Reaction When She Found Out She Was Getting A Brother

    "Yeah but it's a boy..."

    Cardi B's daughter Kulture wasn't on board when she found out her mom was expecting a baby boy.

    cardi holds kulture in her arms

    The rapper, who announced her second pregnancy earlier this year, let fans know exactly how the 3-year-old reacted to the news.

    During a Q&A on Twitter, Cardi shared a video of Kulture insisting that she wanted a baby sister — even though she had been told it was going to be a boy!

    "Baby sister. Baby sister. I want a baby sister," Kulture could be heard adorably saying in the vid.


    @iamcardib / Via Twitter: @iamcardib

    "Yeah but it's a boy," Cardi reminded Kulture off camera, to which the little girl responded, "No, a baby sister!"

    Cardi has since welcomed her son and she says the siblings are actually getting along — which you might not expect considering Kulture's initial reaction!

    "She loves it. Only get sad when she wants to play but the baby needs silence to sleep," Cardi later wrote during the Q&A.

    She loves it.Only get sad when she wants to play but the baby needs silence too sleep.

    @iamcardib / Via Twitter: @iamcardib

    While we don't know the little boy's name just yet, Cardi says the news is coming soon!

    🤫you will find out soon

    @iamcardib / Via Twitter: @iamcardib

    Fingers crossed for some sweet photos of Kulture and her baby bro too!