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    Billie Eilish Finally Shared The Reason She Wore A Wig For Six Weeks

    Going blonde was no easy task.

    Billie Eilish debuted her killer blonde hair last month but later revealed that she'd actually been hiding her new look for quite some time — and now she's explaining why.

    Even before Billie put her new 'do on display, fans had speculated that she was covering up with a wig.

    Then, in her own TikTok video, Billie finally confirmed the rumors by sharing an old video in which she lifts up the front of the wig.

    And now, thanks to an Instagram Q&A, fans know why she chose to keep things under wraps.

    She first once again confirmed the ~wig theory~ and shared a photo in which she's clinging to her neon-green hairpiece.

    Billie holds on to her old wig

    She even shared the final photo ever of her rocking her real green-and-black locks!

    And then Billie explained the logic behind the wig by sharing a photo of her unfinished hair and writing, "'cause it took six weeks to accomplish."

    Billie shows her blonde hair right after the first dye where half of her hair is a red blonde color

    Billie's hairstylist, Lissa Renn, previously explained the difficult process to achieve the blonde look in a now-deleted Instagram video.

    So while Billie decided to keep the extended hair dye process private, I have to agree that the result is definitely 🔥🔥🔥.