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Billie Eilish Confirmed That She's Been Wearing A Wig, And The Fan Theories Were Correct

You better Billie-ve it.

So, Billie Eilish gave a wonderful performance at the Grammys this past weekend. However, there was a part of me that wasn't 100% focused on her singing...

Billie singing into a microphone and rocking a bejeweled headpiece
Recording Academy

...Nay, reader, I was convinced that she was wearing a wig.

A photo of Billie's head superimposed onto the head of a man who is hysterically trying to piece together a mystery
FX / Kevin Mazur / Getty

Why? I mean, for one, it did look kinda...wig-y:

Recording Academy

These are the very serious matters I choose to invest my time into.

Secondly, she sure wore a lot of hats and hairpieces!

Billie is wearing a headscarf while accepting a Grammy with her brother
Rich Fury / Getty Images

*TikTok "That's suspicious" sound.*

Finally, Billie said that she would change her hair in 2021.

As it turned out, the theory that Billie's been wearing a wig has been swimming around the internet for a couple of weeks now:


wig check ✌ #billieeilish #theworldsalittleblurry #wig #fyp #44K #imissyou #ilysmπŸ’—

♬ original sound - πŸ˜ˆπ”Ήπ•€π•ƒπ•ƒπ•€π”Ό π”Όπ•€π•ƒπ•€π•Šβ„πŸ˜ˆ

And when Billie debuted her new blonde 'do, I was convinced that this theory was true.

Well, speculate no more, folks! In a new TikTok, Billie confirmed that wig theory is legit...


♬ Lo Vas A Olvidar - Billie Eilish & ROSALÍA

...Yup, by lifting up a very real-looking wig.

Billie Eilish / Via

And, for what it's worth, Billie seemed very pleased to have...pulled it off.

Billie Eilish / Via

I, for one, am grateful for the time the wig presumably gave Billie to get this blonde look together.

Billie Eilish / Via Instagram: @billieeilish

A new era!!!

Anyways, see you at the next celeb hair conspiracy.

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