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    Alicia Witt "Can't Even Count" The Amount Of Times She's Been Asked To Lose Weight While Working In Hollywood

    "It was expected and accepted that women could be spoken to in a certain way."

    Alicia Witt is done letting her weight define her after a career in Hollywood that's lasted almost her entire life.

    Alicia wears a colorful dress while attending an event
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    The actor, who got her start when she was just 5 years old in Dune, says she has dealt with body shamers her whole career.

    A screenshot from Dune where Alicia can be seen as a little girl
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    In fact, she admits that she "can’t even count" the number of times she's been told to shed pounds.

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    "It was expected and accepted that women could be spoken to and of in a certain way," Alicia told Page Six of Hollywood in the '90s.

    She continued, "It was considered no big deal to tell a woman, 'You should lose 15 pounds, you should lose 20 pounds.'"

    "It started when I was a young teenager. And coming from sources as seemingly innocuous as friends. The phrase ‘the camera puts on 10 pounds’ was something that women would say to their daughters and their sisters," Alicia explained.

    A young Alicia smiles while wearing a green tank top
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    Thankfully, after hearing unnecessary commentary for so long, she no longer worries about her body image and doesn't even keep a scale in her home.

    Alicia smiles at a recent event in a blue dress
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    "I only hear how much I weigh when I go for my annual physical goal. And I put that out of my head right away because I just don’t care. I know when I feel healthy. And I know if I overdo it one day, I’m not going to beat myself up about it," Alicia shared.

    "I don’t believe in labels or rules because they set you up for failure. And I know from my own story and my experience with food, my relationship with being in front of the camera, and body image and all of those things that go back and forth from one extreme to the other just doesn’t work," Alicia concluded.

    Alicia puts her hands on her hips in a marron long sleeve dress
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    Alicia is now hoping to help others with a book for those looking to make a change in their life, whether it be "their health, their well-being, their energy level, [or] their sense of joy."

    She's set to release her self-help book, Small Changes, on October 5.

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