Tony Hawk Thanks Addison Rae For Getting Girls Involved In Skateboarding

    Addison Rae and Tony Hawk is the collab I never knew I needed.

    As if TikTok star Addison Rae wasn’t busy enough, she’s adding another skill to her resume — skateboarding.

    She’s been spending the past few months mastering the art of skateboarding and she just got a private lesson from someone pretty impressive — skating legend Tony Hawk.

    Tony recently surprised Addison during a visit to iconic skatepark, The Berrics, in Los Angeles.

    First and foremost, Tony presented Addison with her own personalized Chipotle skateboard:

    Addison checks out her brown skateboard with writing on the bottom

    The duo then got into the lesson but Tony was pretty impressed by Addison's skills to begin with!

    Getting down to business, Tony offered some advice on how to make a turn while on a ramp.

    And with those tips, Addison nailed it!

    Next up, Tony gave some pointers on how Addison could perfect her ollie.

    After some practice, the pair shared a sweet moment where Tony thanked Addison for encouraging young girls to get interested in skateboarding.

    Tony talks to Addison at the skatepark

    Of course, they had to end the lesson with some Chipotle, while Tony chatted about his organization, The Skatepark Project.

    Watch the entire lesson go down here:

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    Addison Rae / Via

    And maybe you'll learn a few tips and tricks too!