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    • alexg68

      Very well written - your journalistic experience very much shows in your style of writing. This is very reflective of what is going on in Australia right now with the resources boom. I love how you’ve deconstructed the situation using economics and been able to express the social consequences of this kind of ‘development’. I used to be a dancer myself - and probably still would be if I hadn’t found my soulmate to settle down with. Keep up with your blogging/writing and thanks for being able to express what it’s like being a dancer - as you’ve expressed many of us lead very normal lives outside of our profession, unlike what many would imagine :) Most of us do what is dang hard physical work and have little time for a social life! But the money and the amount of control you have over when/where you work and what you do are some of the perks. And hell, it’s a lot more fun than working in an office (my other career).

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