Dances That Even White Folks Can Do

Despite what Darrin Henson would have you believe, dancing is difficult. Especially for us honkies. But fear not, my Caucasian brethren. I have compiled a handy list of fallback dance moves for the next time you find yourself forced onto the floor.

alexg15 • 6 years ago

"Quack Attack" A.k.a the Mighty Ducks Gangsta Rap

Lil' Deuce Deuce brings us a video that has soooo much right about it. Shouts out to Charlie Conway (who was, as the song says "pretty deece")!!

alexg15 • 7 years ago

Shirtless Sax Man Proves That Anywhere Can Be Classed Up With 'Careless Whisper'

Are you like me? Have you ever been in a Walmart, Ross, classroom, etc. and found yourself praying (to the gods of sex and hair) that the sax riff from George Michael's 'Careless Whisper' would start playing? Well international sax superstar Sergio Flores has heard our collective prayers. And he's here to answer them, one shirtless suspender-wearing at a time.

alexg15 • 7 years ago

The 19 Best (Worst?)RAGEcaptions (NSFW)

For those of you who can't understand compound words, RAGEcaptions are images superimposed with all kinds of Rage-tastic captions.

alexg15 • 7 years ago