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    34 Pictures That Will Take You Straight Back To Year 5

    Heads down, thumbs up.

    1. The best part about the beginning of the new year.

    2. The most coveted thing in your lunchbox.

    3. The excitement when this finally came out.

    4. The thrill of being allowed to write on the OHP.

    5. Cheating at head down, thumbs up by looking at people's shoes.

    6. Being instantly happier when this was the hymn in assembly.

    7. Being a total badass.

    8. Getting a pair of Total 90s and feeling like a pro.

    9. Changing your ink colour to match your mood.

    10. Making important decisions with a rubber that looked exactly like this.

    11. Sports day races that didn't really make any sense, but always involved bean bags.

    12. Knowing you were only one year away from glory.

    13. True pain.

    14. The chorus of the playground every break time.

    15. Rolling down your white socks like a total legend.

    16. Finding out if you liked butter.

    17. Being a rebel and sliding under the toilet door.

    18. Your mum making you collect these.

    19. Getting really attached to the colour of your drawer.

    20. Never being able to look below the waist.

    21. Shooting up lead.

    22. Making holes in your paper trying to rub out pen.

    23. Making more holes in your paper trying to rub out pen.

    24. The best thing about art lessons.

    25. Discovering your future.

    26. The only way to make your homework look cool.

    27. The absolute thrill when this got brought out.

    28. The tub of wax crayons that would get your hands filthy whenever you reached into it.

    29. The most fun treat to find inside your lunchbox.

    30. The pain of having to kick a ball with these on.

    31. This. Every damn time.

    32. The pride you felt when your teacher picked you out to clean the whiteboard.

    33. Trying to remember what all the different colour shag bands meant.

    34. And pretending you were ill, just for the strawberry Calpol.