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    15 Of Gordon Ramsay's Best Insults To Send To People You Hate

    Dear friend, you deserve a kick in the nuts, love from me.

    1. For when someone's made a stupid mistake:

    2. For when someone doesn't appreciate your brilliant gift:

    3. For men who are being dicks on the internet:

    4. For when those goddamn Americans won't get off your back:

    5. For when your friend's trying to impress you with their first home cooked meal:

    6. And when they fuck it up:

    7. For when someone spills your drink on you:

    8. For that one really annoying colleague:

    9. For when you don't want to mix your words:

    10. For when someone comes up short:

    11. For when your local Mexican plays havoc with your bowels:

    12. For when you need someone's attention:

    13. For a very lucky friend:

    14. When someone asks for more pumpkin:

    15. And for when you just need to get the message across: