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22 Pictures That Prove Everyone Is Totally Faking It

None of us know what we're doing.

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1. Seizing the day:

2. Being a professional:

3. Keeping up appearances:

4. Making a budget:

5. And sticking to it:

6. Developing varied and interesting tastes:

7. Acting cool:

8. Achieving your goals:

9. Staying on your toes:

10. Becoming a role model:

11. Making changes:

12. Always keeping chill:

13. And never losing face:

14. Taking responsibility:

15. Outshining your peers:

16. Having a diverse social life:

17. Tackling your problems head on:

18. Sorting your expenses:

19. Becoming domesticated:

20. Doing simple, human tasks:

21. Impressing the big shots:

22. And just taking control of life: