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    19 Very Useful Skills You Have To Master When You Live With Other People

    No toilet roll? No problem.

    1. Being "resourceful" when all the dishes are dirty.

    2. And even more "resourceful" when you're all out of toilet roll.

    Twitter: @Sinead_Magee

    That'll last for weeks!

    3. Dashing naked from your bedroom to the bathroom without anyone seeing.

    Deedle-Dee Productions

    4. Taking care of your most prized possessions.

    Your food, obviously.

    5. Squeezing way more than two people onto a two-seater sofa.

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    6. Becoming seriously talented in the art of "bin jenga".

    Twitter: @twoptwips

    Loser is the first person to crack.

    7. Pretending not to have heard the doorbell.

    Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment

    Someone else'll get it...

    8. Desperately holding it in when you need to pee (because your flatmate always gets in the shower just as you were about to go).


    9. Having a full shower, including washing and conditioning your hair, in two minutes flat.

    When your flatmate uses the shower at "your" time and you have to rush to get ready.

    10. Stealing small enough quantities of milk or butter that no one should be able to notice.

    11. But being able to notice when someone has stolen tiny quantities of your milk or butter.


    12. Sneaking in drunk without waking everyone else up.

    Sadly, there is always one housemate who decided not to learn this skill.

    13. Living without pretty vital things like hot water or light bulbs.

    Flickr: estherase

    Because even when something like the boiler goes no one tells the landlord for like three days, and light bulbs only get replaced when every single one has gone.

    14. Identifying the bottle which actually has shampoo in it from the mass of empty ones that are all over the shower.

    Twitter: @katiemolloyxo

    And another, less useful skill: knocking all the bottles over in one go, making a huge noise and waking everybody up.

    15. Blocking out the sound of other people having sex.


    16. Sounding friendly and like something isn't a big deal when actually you're really pissed off.

    17. Letting someone know you really don't feel like talking without saying so or appearing rude.

    If you just stare intently enough at the TV or your phone they'll usually get the message.

    18. Identifying incredibly mouldy vegetables found at the very back of the cupboard.

    This skill will come in handy one day, right?

    19. Combining your own wardrobe with your housemate's to create the perfect outfit.

    Deedle-Dee Productions

    The true meaning of teamwork. 🙏

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