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    23 Pictures That Set Unrealistic Standards Of Beauty

    We are not worthy.

    1. Look at this damn perfect sphere of binder clips.

    2. And this perfectly circular egg.

    3. This onion, so cosy.

    4. This fortress of books.

    5. No couple looks as good together as this waffle and this mug.


    7. Drink in these beautifully conjoined gummy bears.

    8. Stare at this flawless snow double helix.

    9. And the most immaculate McMuffin you will ever feast your eyes on.

    10. Look at these totally faultless matches!

    11. The impeccable first scoop.

    12. And these perfectly stacked highlighters.

    13. Nothing will ever fit as well as this vacuum in its cubby hole.

    14. This hand will never achieve anything more worthy than this flawless extraction.

    15. Feel the warmth and happiness bestowed on you by these Post-It notes.

    16. Let the perfection of this stone wash over you.

    17. Look at the curves on this damn ice cream.

    18. And this orange opening beautifully like a flower.

    19. These USB sticks were always meant to be together.

    20. This homebaked cookie is more satisfying than anything you could buy in a shop.

    21. Feel jealousy at this man's greatest ever achievement.

    22. Never stop looking at these coins.

    23. We really are not worthy.