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13 Ways University Was Nothing Like You Planned Or Expected

It's nothing like the pictures on the website.

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1. Expectation: Your university will be made up exclusively of old, grand buildings with beautiful brickwork and high ceilings.

Reality: There is one fancy building, but you never get to go in there, and most of your uni looks something like this.

2. Expectation: You'll decorate your room really nicely and make it feel just like home.

Instagram: @emma_louise_belle

Reality: Turns out that's way too much effort, and the room's too shitty to do much with anyway.

3. Expectation: You'll be best mates with everyone in your flat, and you'll go out together all the time.

Instagram: @clomay08

Reality: There is always at least one person who you never even see leave their room. / BuzzFeed

4. Expectation: You will do all your required reading and develop a wealth of interesting knowledge in your chosen field.

Instagram: @printsessalivia

Reality: You do exactly the amount of reading required to get a 2:1 and not look like a mug in your seminars.

Instagram: @_urcompanion_

5. Expectation: You will be far too strong to succumb to freshers' flu.

Instagram: @insideshowbiz

Reality: You succumbed to freshers' flu.

Instagram: @danharding2

6. Expectation: You'll get invited to lots of events where you get to drink wine with your professors and have intellectual conversation.

Reality: You get trashed on £5 bottles of Echo Falls and 2-4-1 Jägerbomb deals while dressed as a Power Ranger.

7. Expectation: You will cook for yourself every night, and learn lots of new, healthy recipes.

Instagram: @alexfinnis

Reality: As soon as someone, anyone, mentions the word pizza, you're in.

8. Expectation: You will also save time and money by cooking meals in bulk and then freezing them for the week ahead.

Reality: You don't have that kind of restraint.

9. Expectation: You'll reinvent yourself as someone who is effortlessly cool, charming, and well dressed.

Instagram: @gwrgeous

Reality: You'll be pretty much the same, except you'll wear pyjamas in public more often.

Wth econ lecture!?! LOL RT @yin_karen O m g bananas in pyjamas came into my lecture

10. Expectation: You will go out to lots of cool pubs and bars before ending up at the club.

Instagram: @mrsmarquee

Reality: You mostly just get drunk in your kitchen, and head out as late as possible (if at all).

Instagram: @miss_stringer

11. Expectation: You will fill your spare time with fun and diverse societies and sports clubs.

Reality: You fill your spare time by making a mattress fort in your corridor and watching Netflix in it.

@CommunityTV Mattress & blanket fort in university halls of residence

12. Expectation: It won't take you long for you to use up all those free condoms they hand out.

Reality: You probably still have one of them now.

Instagram: @duney_mag

13. Expectation: Once it's all over, you'll feel like a real adult ready to take on the world.

Reality: You never feel like a real adult ready to take on the world.