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    21 Times Tumblr Was Funniest About "Game Of Thrones"

    On a scale from one to Sansa Stark, how much do you regret your childhood crush?

    1. This film poster, which hurts our souls.

    2. Something all of us would like to do, especially after the S5 finale.

    3. This heartfelt Valentine's card.

    4. This heartbreaking Taylor Swift–Stark family duet.

    5. This question, which is almost too cruel.

    6. This dark realisation.

    7. The revelation of who might already know Westeros's fate.

    8. Valar meowghulis.

    9. Daenerys's best Jim Halpert impression.

    10. This cartoon, which is funny for a bit, and then suddenly feels very real.

    11. The world's worst bedtime story.

    12. The never-ending cycle.

    13. This take on everyone's favourite unlikely duo.

    14. Cersei and Tywin standing up for the book readers.

    15. This very accurate summary of the series.

    16. And this extremely accurate chart.

    17. Expectation vs reality: Game of Thrones edition.

    18. The ultimate GOT dad joke.

    19. This Arrested Development mashup.

    20. This perfectly placed book.

    21. And this, which is just too much.