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27 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Your Relationship With Food

"I want to be skinny, but I also want pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you feel me?"

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1. When this truth bomb was dropped.

2. When it knew you have no chill.

3. When it summed up this eternal dilemma.

4. When you didn't need convincing.

5. When it saw the value in friendship.

6. When it rendered all current technology meaningless.

7. When it described your entire childhood.

8. When this girl launched her flagship policy.

9. When it made the only introduction you ever really need.

10. When all you're doing at work is counting down the time 'til lunch.

11. When it knew all about deceit.

12. When life wasn't worth living any more.

13. When it stood up to society.

14. When it just got you.

15. When Bill Nye nailed how everyone reacts when trying something new and delicious.

16. When it knew all about hope.

17. When this person was all of us.

18. When it gave zero fucks.

19. When this disaster happens.

20. When it knew what's always on your mind.

21. When it felt your pain.

22. When it didn't know whether to be proud or ashamed.

23. When it showed you the world has its priorities right.

24. When it proved celebrities are no different from us.

25. When it summed up family life.

26. When you're trying to impress.

27. When it's takeaway night.