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    23 Times Britain Went Way Too Fucking Far

    Shit has well and truly hit the fan.

    1. When the clash of the titans went down in Kent.

    2. When this Sussex women dealt with her waterfowl problem.

    3. When Surrey was hit by a swathe of vicious attacks.

    4. And when the world's most middle-class crime was committed in Somerset.

    5. When things really got out of hand in Devon.

    6. When one man from Staines sent the whole of Britain into meltdown.

    7. When "Local Man" got himself in deep water.

    8. And "Drunk Man" terrorised the streets of Brighton.

    9. When the world's worst superhero was caught in Bolton.

    10. When passive-aggressive seagulls took Exeter by storm.

    11. When this Swansea thief tried to discard the evidence.

    12. And when their county council made a world-changing decision.

    13. When this Nottingham villain became a true hero.

    14. When levels of fun in Pembrokeshire reached almost dangerous heights.

    15. When World War Three practically started in Brighton.

    16. When Bexhill-on-Sea finally asked the question no one else was brave enough to.

    17. When teachers in South Shields got a festive surprise.

    18. When there really was anarchy in the UK.

    19. When Stoke's most wanted was finally snared.

    20. When Clitheroe entered its final days.

    21. When Chorley police really had their hands full.

    22. When this Bridlington man literally got dumped.

    23. And when Sevenoaks just wasn't prepared.