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    19 Gross Things All Gross Couples Will Understand

    "Can I squeeze that for you?"

    1. The two of you are a bit like monkeys, always picking and preening each other. / BuzzFeed

    2. You're always searching each other's bodies for zits and blackheads you can squeeze.

    Deedle-Dee Productions

    3. And pulling out each other's stray hairs is also 100% OK.

    Apatow Productions

    4. Even a really gross ingrown hair can be a shared experience.

    Warner Bros / BuzzFeed

    So gross, but so fascinating.

    5. You've got absolutely no problem telling each other about the massive poo you've just done.

    Broadway Video

    In fact, you're proud of it.

    6. And farting and burping in front of each other is also 100% OK.

    7. In fact, you know that fart + duvet = the ultimate weapon.

    AKA the Dutch Oven.

    8. Sometimes you'll lick your partner's face in the middle of making out, just to fuck with them.

    9. If you have smelly feet, you get your partner to smell them just to see their reaction.

    10. And you've definitely asked: "Do my armpits smell?" before thrusting one into their face.


    11. Asking your partner to check if you need to clean your ears is totally chill – how are you supposed to see yourself?

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    12. You've watched and screamed at zit popping videos together.

    View this video on YouTube

    If you haven't seen this one before, make sure you share it.

    13. The moment you knew you were truly close was the first time you did something really gross together.

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    True love = letting your partner squeeze a really tempting blackhead on your nose.

    14. Seeing the other peeing wouldn't really bother you.

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    You're easily close enough to not care.

    15. And you have no problem helping them out and even cleaning up when they're sick.

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    It's what couples do to look after each other.

    16. You have to restrain yourselves from being gross in public, because no one needs to see that.

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    17. If you found a really weird long hair on your body, you'd show your partner, not hide it from them.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    18. Because you're super comfortable with each other, and nothing about their body could ever gross you out.

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    19. But no matter how much gross stuff you do together, sharing a toothbrush is still too far.

    Well, it would have to be massive emergency.