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    23 Things Everyone Did On The School Computers

    Pretty much anything but work.

    1. Played flash games on Coolmath, which your school didn't block because it was supposed to be educational.

    "Run 2" was incredible.

    2. Searched for websites with the same name as you and your friends to see who had the best one.

    This was pretty disappointing ngl.

    3. Tried to get the top score in your class on the helicopter game.


    Way before that iCopter app was invented.

    4. Created your friendship group on DollzMania.


    Even though you'd all look basically the same every time.

    5. Spent ages browsing boring stories on MyLifeIsAverage.

    6. And then doing the exact same on FML.

    7. Drew patterns like this on Microsoft Paint.

    8. Or used Kid Pix, which was maybe even better.

    9. Took the ball out of your friend's mouse, because you were hilarious.

    Also because they were fun to play with.

    10. Watched "Badger Badger Badger" and other Weebl cartoons.


    11. Had to use Encarta for all your research because Wikipedia didn't exist yet.

    12. But that was OK, because at least you got to play MindMaze.

    Best. Learning experience. Ever.

    13. Tricked your classmates with The Maze Game.

    14. Used a proxy to try to get into blocked sites like Facebook.

    Twitter: @Chloe_Garratt

    Which probably worked for a while until the school got wise to it.

    15. Played Electrotank Mini Golf so much that you knew how to get a hole-in-one on basically every hole.

    16. Made "How Well Do You Know Me?" quizzes and then made all your friends take them.

    17. Watched "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" until you knew all the words.

    View this video on YouTube

    "This is the Ultimate Showdown... of Ultimate Destiny

    Good guys, bad guys, and explosions... as far as the eye can see..."

    18. Played Lemmings, which is still probably one of the best games ever.

    19. Played INTENSE games of Slime Football against your mates.

    And Slime Cricket as well.

    20. Tried to get your friends to visit useful websites like

    Which, by the way, has this on its homepage.

    21. Used "Narrator" to make your computer read out rude words.

    22. Constantly bashed the "sleep" button on your friend's keyboard during IT lessons.

    Kids are the worst.

    23. Got on your friend's computer while they weren't looking and set a badly drawn penis as their background.

    Seriously, the worst.

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