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    Teens Are Reacting Hilariously To Getting Their A-Level Results

    Results day is just like Christmas, except the presents are filled with dread, hate, and pain.

    Today, teenagers in Britain picked up their A-level results – but they've been preparing for a while.

    Thursday could go one of three ways #ResultsDay

    Mostly for the worst.

    I'm going to camp outside school on #resultsday ...Might as well get used to living on a street

    If you cant find me after I've opened my results this is where I'll be #resultsday

    Lool some mothers out there warming up for #ResultsDay like

    Results Day Essentials #ALevelResults #ALevels

    For some, the expectation turned out to be far better than the reality.

    Before exams vs getting your results #Alevelresults

    when unis see my results #resultsday

    The day was basically like a national holiday.

    Today is like Christmas. Except we have to travel for our presents and the presents are filled with DREAD AND HATE AND PAIN #resultsday

    And of course, old smug people dished out "advice" to the zero teenagers who follow them on social media.

    "It won't be the end of the world."It could be worse." You can't change it now so why worry." #resultsday

    But for many, the worst bit about results day was having to confront their parents.

    Wondering which cousin you'll be compared to #resultsday

    When your parents asked what did you get? #alevels

    Or, well, anyone else.

    When people start asking you what you got 😊 #resultsday

    Friends: what you get? Me : MAN GOT GRADES DONT ASK NO QUESTIONS #resultsday

    At least some people got into their uni of choice.

    After a lot of hard work I managed to get into Bath #Alevelresults

    And there's only one way to celebrate that.

    This paper basically summed up the entire day.

    I drew the front page of every tabloid newspaper tomorrow #Alevelresults #resultsday

    But no matter anyone's results, this was the only universal truth.

    The only day of the year 95% of teenagers are out of bed at 6am #resultsday

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