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    The 25 Struggles Every Catless Cat Person Will Understand

    One day you will have one, until then, your life goal is to play with everyone else's.

    1. You're a cat person through and through – you have basically dedicated your life to loving cats.

    2. But for some cruel reason, you don't actually own one.

    😿 😿 😿

    3. It might be because your landlord doesn't allow pets.

    Because your landlord is heartless and doesn't understand love.

    4. Maybe you live with someone who's allergic.

    5. Or maybe you know you're just not capable of that kind of commitment right now.

    6. Whatever it is, the fact that you don't have your own cat to shower with love every day hurts your heart.

    7. Whenever you go outside, you are constantly on the look out for cats to stroke.

    8. You don't care that you look stupid crouched down in the middle of the street with your hand outstretched, making that weird noise with your mouth.

    You know the one.

    9. And it genuinely pains you when they look scared and run away.

    10. You recognise all the cats that live near your house, and have also made friends with them.

    11. Pubs with cats are the best pubs.

    12. And if you have a friend with a cat, you will find any excuse to go and visit them*.

    *Their cat.

    13. Day-to-day, you have to satiate your need for cats by staring at them on the internet.

    14. Whether that's by trawling through #CatsOfInstagram.

    15. Or by scrolling through websites like Gumtree or Petfinder looking at cats you could actually own.

    You've fallen in love with so many cats you know you'll never get to actually meet. 😿

    16. You know all your favourite breeds, and exactly which you'll get when you do one day get a cat.

    17. You probably even have a list of names picked out – like normal people have for their kids.

    18. You're torn between wanting a tiny kitten who you can raise as your forever friend.

    19. And an older cat who needs a home and just wants to be loved.

    20. Your idea of a great day out is going to a cat rescue centre and petting all the poor kitties.

    But it would take so much restraint to come back without one in your arms.

    21. You've come so close to caving and just going out and getting your dream cat.

    But right now, you know you can't.

    22. There are just too many reasons why it wouldn't be fair.

    23. You need to be completely ready – they can be expensive to keep and you need to have the perfect place to live.

    Because your cat will only be allowed the very best.

    24. You couldn't risk getting a cat and then having to give it away for some reason – you will be together forever.

    25. And then, finally, you will be truly happy.

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