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29 People Who Clearly Don't Understand How Food Works

Please stop.

1. Firstly, there is this person, who likes to eat their bananas with ketchup.

(Banana) + (tomato ketchup) = Banana ketchup /yum πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2. Or this person, who thinks that this is an acceptable way to eat string cheese.

Pretty sure I'm the only one who eats their string cheese like this..

3. Some people don't know that you're supposed to take the wax off a Babybel.

@HunterWilliss just ate the wax on a babybel

4. Too many people.

5. And there are also a lot of people who like to eat carrots with Nutella.

Carrot + Nutella at 2:33am? Only me.

6. This just looks wrong.

Nutella and carrot sticks feelin like a white girl

7. Why is this a thing?

Baby carrot dipped in Nutella πŸ˜‹

8. But that's not the worst thing people do to Nutella. Some people like to mix it with Sriracha.

Sriracha and Nutella. Do it. DO IT NOW!!!:

9. Or have it with cheese in a toastie.

Nutella cheese toast for breakfast #apeadehal #Nutella #breakfastallday

10. People make ice lollies out of the vinegar from pickles.

11. They make meals of rice, ketchup, beans, and cookies.


12. And they make "cake" out of bologna and mayonnaise.

@corybrindley is this layered bologna and mayonnaise cake better?

13. People love doing weird things with cereal, like eating it out of plastic bags with their fingers.

14. Or in sandwiches.

Ah, 18, I'm coming into you with the celebratory meal of champions: an almond butter and cereal sandwich.

15. There's this person, who doesn't understand how cereal bars work.

16. And this person, who eats their Oreos in a bowl with milk.

I think I'm like the only person who eats their Oreos like this lol

17. Far too many people bite into KitKats like this.

There's nothing wrong eating a KitKat like this, right? LOL

18. Or eat kiwis like they're apples.

Am I the only person who eats a kiwi like this...? Like an apple skin and all? #strangelooksfromtheofficegirls

19. Someone in the world decided to make Mountain Dew and Dorito cupcakes a thing.

That has to be the worst combination of #food ever.#foodforthought

20. And this person eats pasta on their fucking toast.

WHAT IS THAT Don't have toast with pasta you nonce. 0/10 @OscarArsenal

21. There are people walking among us eating their sandwiches crust first.

Am i the only person who eats my sandwiches like this

22. Even worse, there are people doing it to pizza.

People think I'm weird bc I eat my crust first. πŸ˜”

23. This is just evil.

@velvetgh0st so glad I'm not the only one who eats pizza like this praise the Lord Gabby does

24. This person has ordered a "none pizza with left beef", and then written "Nickelback" on the box, for some reason.

25. But there is no greater crime against pizza than this.

26. Talking of crimes, some people think this is an OK thing to do to wings.

What type of psycho eats his wings like this?

27. A real-life person has made this taco.

28. Wetherspoon's don't even understand the concept of cheese.

@jdwtweet When I ordered a hot dog and cheese I wasn't expecting this #wetherspoons #wtf

29. But finally there is this person, who is either the laziest person alive, or an actual modern-day genius.

Am I the only one who eats jell-o like this. #lazyhabbits lol

Only you can decide.

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