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This Week's "Game Of Thrones" Was Basically All About Sisters Taking Over

And people are here for it. *SPOILERS for Season 6, Episode 4*

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For everyone who's seen this week's episode of Game of Thrones, "Book of the Stranger", you'll probably agree it was pretty damn epic.


"Hey, don't mind me, I'm just gonna burn these beardy dickheads to death, walk through a blazing inferno without getting burnt (again), and then take control of their armies, nbd." – Daenerys, probably

Sansa, Margaery, and Yara all had scenes where they basically had to shake their brothers and tell them to get their heads back in the damn game, and people were here for it.

On Game of Thrones yesterday, Sansa, Margaery, and Yara all had to tell their brothers to snap out of it. Sisters doing it for themselves


One thing I liked about yesterday's Game of Thrones: there are three (3) scenes where sisters take charge of their scared/broken brothers.

Great episode of Game of Thrones. Sisters are doing it for themselves!


And Sansa? Well she's not got too much sympathy for Jon being "tired" (or murdered) – she had to be married to Ramsay Bolton. And now she's on a mission to reclaim the North.

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Sansa's character development into a total badass > All other character development on Game of Thrones.