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19 Delicious, Refreshing And Undeniable Reasons You Need To Embrace The "Shower Beer"

Drinking beer in the shower is a thing and you should all be doing it.

1. Drinking a beer in the shower is one of life's great simple pleasures.

2. So it's sad that so few people know that it's a thing.

3. Because just look how happy it can make you.

4. Some people may question the logic of the shower beer – they might say it makes no sense.

5. But don't listen to those people, because those people are idiots.

6. Shower beers are goddamn glorious.

7. You can enjoy them fully clothed.

8. You can enjoy them alcohol-free.

9. And you can even enjoy them in public.

10. Shower beers do not have to be drunk alone.

11. Especially if you are a little pushed for space.

12. But what's better than two people? Two beers.

13. They're the perfect hard-earned refreshment after a long run.

14. You can even take things a step further and add food into the mix.

15. The dedication some people display to the shower beer shows you how important it really is.

16. This hotel knows what's up.

17. Even dogs can't help but get in on the action.

18. So cheers to the shower beer.

19. The coolest drink of them all.