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21 Secrets A Cab Driver Will Never Tell You

If you want to have sex in the back, then be prepared for a bumpy ride...

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3. But the backs of cabs are often so grimy that having sex there is not a great idea. / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

So if you just can't wait until you get home, bear in mind that you're probably doing it on a load of other people's old food crumbs and the stains of those who came before you.


6. Only marginally ahead of backseat drivers.

"Oh, I'll just direct you" are five words every cabbie hates to hear. Just tell them the destination at the start and if they really need help, they'll ask.


10. Some drivers prefer to piss in bottles than stop to find a toilet.

"I really want to pee" says my taxi driver. "Oh dear. There's a @Starbucks there". "It's OK. I have a bottle" he says, pointing at the floor

Which means you could be driving around with a bottle of someone else's pee just a couple of metres from your feet...


20. There's basically no better profession in the world for finding out celebrity gossip than being a taxi driver.

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