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    26 Pictures That Show How Different England And Scotland Are

    It's a thin border, but a big difference.

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    1. Food shopping in England:

    Food shopping in Scotland:

    2. Self-defence in England:

    Self-defence in Scotland

    3. Property in England:

    Rightmove / BuzzFeed

    Property in Scotland: / BuzzFeed

    4. Burgers in England:

    Burgers in Scotland:

    5. Jobs in England:

    Jobs in Scotland:

    6. Sports fans in England:

    Sports fans in Scotland:

    Andrew Milligan / PA Archive/Press Association Images /

    7. Extreme weather in England:

    Extreme weather in Scotland:

    8. Politicians in England:

    Press Association /

    Politicians in Scotland:


    9. Fox hunting in England: / Creative Commons

    Fox hunting in Scotland:

    10. Graffiti in England:

    Graffiti in Scotland:

    11. Dessert in England:

    Dessert in Scotland:

    12. Drinking in England:

    Drinking in Scotland:

    13. Texting in England:

    Texting in Scotland:

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