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    19 Reasons The Willow Was The Greatest "Nightclub" The World Will Ever See

    It closed for good on Sunday, and York will never be the same again.

    On Sunday night, The Willow, York's famous "bar and disco" opened its doors for the final time – and everyone was gutted.

    In my 4 years at York, I probably went to Willow on at least 500 occasions. No exaggeration. End of an era. #RIPwillow #LastWillow

    The feels scale: Santa not real < England v Portugal 2006 < death of beloved family pet < Willow Closure. #RIPWillow #LastWillow

    'Everybody's youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness'. You were the best. #Willow #RIPWillow

    Here's why, despite being grimy, crowded, and completely bizarre, it was the greatest club of all time:

    1. Because at what other club can you munch on a big bucket of prawn crackers throughout the night?

    Flickr: slushpup

    Just try to ignore how gross they probably were.

    2. Or dance to the Game of Thrones theme at three in the morning?

    3. Because it never tried to be fancy, and would always play the classics.

    Never has Willow felt more like home

    "Hey Jude", "I Am Sailing" and "Mr Brightside" were just a few of the tunes they would pump out when it started getting really late and we all started getting emotional.

    4. Because it was more than just a club, it was a fashion statement.

    5. Because Tommy loved it so much that he kept running it every night until he was seventy years old.

    6. Because staying until it was light outside was basically a rite of passage.

    7. Because £1 tequila and sambuca shots – what more is there to say?

    8. Because for so many students, it is the abiding memory of their time in York.

    Facebook: Jo Barrow

    9. Because it never tried to hide from its roots.

    10. Because everyone knew it was shit, but that didn't stop it being great.

    11. Because the bouncers were pretty much local celebrities.

    So someone edited Harriet Harman's Wikipedia to say she met her future long term partner Konrad at the Willow

    Konrad was probably the scariest man you are ever likely to meet – but very open to a queue-jumping bribe.

    12. And because the DJs would always take requests.


    And sometimes even let you in the DJ booth.

    13. Because after queueing for what seemed like (and sometimes was) hours, this sight was like the Holy Grail.

    14. Because the layout actually worked kind of perfectly.

    15. Because you could get kicked out for the stupidest reasons, but it was all part of the fun.

    16. Because everyone knows someone who's fallen down these stairs.


    17. Because the thrill of getting in first and having the whole dancefloor to yourself never went away.

    18. Because the last ever night was such an event the place ended up looking like this.

    19. And because even if you forgot everything that happened all night, there was always something to remember it by.

    RIP Willow, you will live on forever in our booze-stained hearts.

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