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22 Of The Most Disgusting Things People Have Actually Put In Their Mouths

"I found a used condom in my parents' room..."

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what the worst thing they had ever put in their mouth was. As you would expect, there were a lot of disgusting responses. Here are the best.

1. Unwashed penis.

"Some guy I met at a party – it was my first time and let's just say I don't think he had showered in a few days. It wasn't even in my mouth for two seconds. I stood up, told him he needed to take a shower and left in a hurry."

Submitted by David Spears, Facebook.

2. Their parents' used condom.

"When I was little I found a used condom in my parents' room and I thought it was a 'tongue cleaner'… Yep I put the used condom on my tongue. I'm still cringing to this day."

Submitted by yoeunx.

3. Three buttons and half a napkin.

Flickr: hisgett

"When I was in second grade I got bored during class so I went to the back of the room and started eating buttons out of our classroom craft box. I ate about three, and then I ate half a napkin. And then I shit it out.

This is 100% a true story. Thank you for your time."

Submitted by Anna Catherine Kopsky, Facebook.


6. Cat uterus.

"My dad is a veterinarian and my mom manages the practice so I kind of grew up there. When I was just learning to walk, I wandered into the surgery room where my dad's associate was spaying a cat. As is common, he threw the uterus in the garbage can, and I fished it out and put it in my mouth."

Submitted by nathanb451dc9229.


8. Loads of slugs and snails.

"When my younger brother was about 2 he used to pick up slugs and snails and put them in his mouth. He never bit into them, just rolled them around his mouth with his tongue. The amount of slugs and snails we used to fish out of his mouth was disgusting!"

Submitted by Stephanie Myerscough, Facebook.

9. Cat food in milk.

"One morning my mum used a spoon to get some wet cat food out of the can. Then she poured me some cereal and milk and accidentally put the cat food covered spoon in the bowl. Under the milk. There was something very fishy about the first bite."

Submitted by Tracy Emmerman, Facebook.

11. Cigarette butts.

"When I was at uni I swigged from a wine bottle only to find it had been used as an ashtray, and so I drank the dregs of the wine with ash and butts. I proceeded to projectile-vomit it back up, swigged from another bottle and continued the conversation – ah, uni!"

Submitted by Holly Hyde, Facebook.


13. Chihuahua shit.

"When I was little, my grandmother visited our (very clean) house with her Chihuahua that left little turd nuggets everywhere it went. A day or so after they left, I was sitting on the floor, watching cartoons, and eating a particularly crumbly chocolate chip cookie. I looked down, spotted what I thought was a rogue chocolate chip, picked it up, and popped it in my mouth. It wasn't a chocolate chip."

Submitted by sandrab42df8f3f5.


17. Shit-covered dog paw.

"When I was around 7, a very friendly dog jumped up on me which is perfectly fine except its paw got in my mouth. If that wasn't bad enough, it had just finished walking around in a pile of its own shit."

Submitted by ahawks.

18. Nail polish remover.

"When I was about 4 I thought a bottle of nail polish remover was pink lemonade. I drank a decent amount before telling my mom not to buy the brand of lemonade I found in the bathroom again."

Submitted by sierrar44a4cd076.


21. Bits of tumour.

"I used to work in histology and one of my jobs was to dispose of specimens. This involved pouring specimen pots filled with formalin and things like colons, gallbladders, cysts, tumours etc. into a sieve to drain the formalin so the specimens could be incinerated. One day I was yawning as I poured a specimen into the sieve filled with bits, it splashed and landed right in my mouth. I wanted to cry."

Submitted by aminaisabelleh.