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23 Pictures Literally Everyone Will Relate To

When you accidentally tap an ad and it takes you to the App Store...

1. Toilet legs:

2. The post-shower wipe:

3. Never taking two trips:

4. Low battery:

5. Probably not done eating yet:

6. Your grandma's betrayal:

7. The blast:

8. The drawer:

9. The other drawer:

10. The long-phone-call journey around the house:

11. Instant regret:

12. The chair:

13. Feeling judged:

14. Necessary alone time:

15. Two types of people:

16. Not again:

17. The great debate:

18. Feeling clean:

19. The sign of a good bath:

20. The thrill:

21. Stealth mode:

22. The meaning of stress:

23. Pure bliss:

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