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    24 Pictures That Show How Different Dogs And Cats Really Are

    They're both the best, but for very different reasons.

    1. Taking your dog for a walk:

    Taking your cat for a walk:

    2. When your dog sits on you:

    When your cat sits on you:

    3. Dogs and water:

    Cats and water:

    4. Trying to work when you have a dog:

    Trying to work when you have a cat:

    5. Where dogs like to sleep:

    Where cats like to sleep:

    When someone asks what breed your dog is: / BuzzFeed

    When someone asks what breed your cat is:

    6. Dogs' mortal enemies:

    Cats' mortal enemies:

    7. Rubbing your dog's tummy:

    Rubbing your cat's tummy:

    8. What cat people think of dogs:

    What dog people think of cats:

    9. Dogs chasing light:

    Cats chasing light:

    10. When your dog fucks with you:

    When your cat fucks with you:

    11. Basically, owning a dog:

    And owning a cat:

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