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21 Pictures That Prove British People Have Ruined Food For Everyone Else

We've lost our privileges.

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1. British people love beans on toast, because beans on toast is great. But beans on toast with cucumber? That's not OK.

2. And baked beans on pizza? Why do we do these things?

3. All of these individual foods are nice, but a balanced meal should probably have more than one colour.

4. The British invented sandwiches, which means this is an insult to our history.

5. This is honestly so upsetting.

6. We are also great at crisps. There are lots of good flavours you can have for crisps, so why did anyone make these?

7. Or these, ffs. Ready salted is fine.

8. There is someone, somewhere in Britain, who thinks this is what cheese and biscuits should be. We need to find them.

9. The English breakfast is a triumph. It's a shame it's now ruined because someone thought it'd be cool to serve one on a spade.

10. But still, it's a better breakfast than a fucking toast sandwich.

11. Or cereal that isn't actually cereal, because it's made of flowers.

12. Why is everyone trying to make us eat flowers?

13. We do have lots of food that is actually very tasty, but then we name it after a diseased penis.

14. Or, you know, forget to include the main bit of it.

15. This roast is so offensive.

16. And this burger. So sad.

17. Chips are the food of the gods, except when they are raw. Then they're the food of the dogs.

18. "You know what's a really great idea?" one person thought. "Taking something really, really tasty, and making it much worse."

19. Imagine being served this potato skin.

20. We're famous for mushy peas, but do we really want to be famous for these?

21. Look at this poor "bacon roll" and weep for Britain.

Bacon, we're so sorry we failed you.
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Bacon, we're so sorry we failed you.