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    24 Faces Everyone Who's Ever Had Sex Will Recognise

    "Oh, look at that. I've been impaled" – Olaf. EDIT: This post has been updated.

    1. When they drag you off to the bedroom.

    2. When she slips off her bra.

    3. When you try to sexily fling her onto the bed – just like in the movies.

    4. When it starts off a little floppy.

    5. But then boing, there it is.

    6. When you're giving the handjob of your life.

    7. When he lets off a surprise cumshot.

    8. When you're pulling out all your best moves but they're impossible to read.

    9. When they're going down on you and it's rocking your world.

    10. When his penis hits the back of your throat.

    11. When you try a new "extra tingly" lube.

    12. When someone walks in on you.

    13. When he slides it in and it's bigger than it looked.

    14. But then once you're used to it it feels so great.

    15. When you're taking it really hard from behind.

    16. When they ask you to make things a little kinkier.

    17. When they're really hitting the spot and your limbs are all over the place.

    18. When you're right on the brink of going off.

    19. When your housemates are in and you're trying so hard to be quiet.

    20. But then you come and you can't help announcing it to the world.

    21. When you find out she's a squirter.

    22. When it's all over and you know you've had a damn good seeing to.

    23. And then you inexplicably wrap yourself in your bedsheets to hide your modesty.

    24. When you're ready to go again.

    The photos in this post have been replaced following a copyright complaint from Dreamworks. The copy has been edited to match.