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    18 Things That Happen When You Go To Uni Far Away

    You will get really excited when you meet someone from back home.

    1. If you're lucky, you will know one person who's come to the same uni as you.

    2. You get really excited whenever you meet anyone from your area.

    3. And then you begin the desperate search to find a mutual friend.

    4. You will ask which school they went to, and then freak out if they know someone you were actually friends with.

    5. And if that doesn't work, then someone who went to a nearby school whose name you might have heard once will do.

    6. You learn how to deal with, and maybe even make use of long train journeys.

    7. You go home much less than most of your flatmates, because the journeys take up half the weekend.

    8. But because you go home less, you also learn to become much more independent.

    9. And also really start valuing the time you spend with your family.

    10. At one point you will drag an entire suitcase of dirty laundry halfway across the country.

    11. But that is nothing compared to the end of term, when you somehow have to lug about five different bags on and off several trains.

    12. The North/South divide suddenly becomes a much bigger deal.

    13. You will become extra proud of the area you are from (even if it's shit).

    14. But you will also get very attached to your new home.

    15. You will get mildly obsessed with some type of local food.

    16. Your accent will become very important (whether you have one or not).

    17. Only one of your home friends will ever visit you throughout your entire university life.

    18. You will become friends with people from backgrounds you had barely even encountered before.