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24 Pictures That Show How Different The North And South Are

Like two separate worlds.

1. A cup of tea up north:

A cup of tea down south:

2. Graffiti up north:

Graffiti down south:

3. Texts from your mum up north:

Texts from your mum down south:

4. Drinking up north:

Drinking down south:

5. Going outside in winter up north:

Going outside in winter down south:

6. Supermarkets up north:

Supermarkets down south:

7. Buying property up north:

Buying property down south:

8. Animal problems up north:

Animal problems down south:

9. Bread up north:

Bread down south:

10. Newspapers up north:

Newspapers down south:

11. Snacking up north:

Snacking down south:

12. Going on a mad one up north:

Going on a mad one down south: