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23 Moments That Make You Feel Like A Real Adult

It's the little victories.

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1. When a total stranger stops and asks you for the time.

2. When you manage to fix something broken in your house without calling anyone first.

3. When you buy brown pasta instead of the normal type.

4. When the waiter asks if you'd like to taste the wine.

5. When you clear your overdraft.

6. When you book a doctor's or dentist's appointment instead of just ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away.

7. When you book into a hotel without your parents.

8. When you go to the cupboard and have all the spices you need for the meal you're about to cook.

9. When the builders are round and you make them tea.

10. When you bleach the toilet.

11. When you take out literally any type of insurance.

12. When you see a comma in your bank account.

13. When you willingly go for a walk instead of moaning like you did as a kid.

14. When someone asks you for directions and you know the exact route they need.

15. When you have to write a cheque.

16. When someone stays at your house and you have spare bedding to lend them.

17. When you achieve "inbox zero".

18. When you treat yourself to new decorations for your flat instead of booze or a takeaway.

19. When you realise you know the name of pretty much every item in the IKEA catalogue.


20. When you call up to reserve a table at a restaurant.

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21. When you host a dinner party and everyone wants a second helping of your food.

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22. When you catch a flight without your parents.

23. When you dry out a pen before losing it.

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The sign of a true, responsible adult.