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17 Struggles Everyone Who F*cking Hates Minions Will Understand

Minionandrists unite.

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You've probably noticed by now that minions are literally everywhere, and none of it makes any sense.

What the fuck does this even mean? What is it to do with minions? Who is making this stuff?

What the fuck does this even mean? What is it to do with minions? Who is making this stuff?

1. They're making a lot of people very angry.

i HATE those yellow Minions i hate minion themed things i hate how theyre EVERYWHERE i hate those evil potato croquette lookin motherfu

2. Like, seriously angry.

3. Some people are starting to find them weirdly sexual.

think you hate minions? Think Again!

4. There are people out there who fancy a minion more than they fancy you.

5. They have typed this into Google.

And got results.

And got results.

6. And there's the very real fear that someone might one day buy you this.

7. They're even starting to take over our dreams.


8. They're causing genuine existential crises.

Is it Minions you hate, or is it really, yourself?

9. And making us question the fight for equality.

I'm all for equal rights for everyone but minions needs to be stopped I hate them and do not support their culture

10. Not even our sacred food is safe.

@SniparsNiall now you can fuck the yellow minions too

11. We can't even wipe our bums in peace.

12. The hatred is so real that new movements are being created.

i hate all minions. im a minionandrist. someone tell me how i can oppress and dehumanize as many minions as possible

Minionandrists unite.

13. They're making goddamn pineapple on pizza seem like an acceptable thing.

pineapple on pizza gets too much hate imo. there are far worse yellow things in this world. minions, for example

14. They're everywhere we look.

15. They're everything we hear.

16. They have fucking boobs now FFS.

17. Save us :(