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Updated on Aug 6, 2020. Posted on Apr 12, 2016

21 Of The Laziest Things People Have Ever Done To Food

Why bother?

1. Frying bacon? That takes so much time and washing up. It's much easier just to microwave it instead.

Twitter: @AmAndAdolAn66

Look at that delicious uncooked rind!

2. Cutting up a mango is a whole minute of your life you'll never get back, which is why it makes total sense to eat it like an apple.

Twitter: @AlexSophia_

The skin is an excellent source of fibre. Probably.

3. Isn't leaving your room to cook just the worst? Solve that problem by warming up last night's leftovers with a hairdryer!

Why didn't I think of this??!

4. Sometimes there are no clean bowls, so you have no choice but to eat your cereal out of a hat.

Twitter: @JeffJano15

Pure genius.

5. If you're a little more classy, you might have it from a wine glass instead.

Twitter: @klakee_D

This must be how the other half lives.

6. Or you can just cut out the washing-up completely, and eat it straight from the bag with a plastic spoon.

Twitter: @Shabs_100

This is definitely how Beyoncé eats her cereal.

7. Why bother with the crumbs you get from making a proper sandwich when you can just make one entirely from cheese?

Twitter: @poptartiero

This is legit.

8. And if you do decide to use bread, actually picking the sandwich up is definitely far too much effort.

Twitter: @_jfloresca

Arms are so overrated.

9. Avoid going back and forth between your room and the kitchen by just Skyping your food!

It's almost like having a friend!

10. Idiots wash up forks. Clever people use two knives as chopsticks.

Twitter: @YesiRuelasSings

This is how you survive in an apocalypse.

11. Even cleverer people just use pens.

Blue for stabilising, red for grabbing.

12. Actually, why bother making food at all when you can just suck up a delicious pouch of baby food?!

Twitter: @avemariyaa

Stick to the damn fruit flavours.

13. Burritos are good, but you know what's better? Eating a whole potato with a napkin around it.

Twitter: @tffanyjoy

So delicious you don't even need guac!

14. Everyone knows washing up is for losers, but eating off clingfilm? That's what winners do.

Tell me, are you a loser or a winner?

15. Rulers are great at measuring stuff, but what they're really for is scooping yoghurt out of small pots.

Twitter: @chris_parry12

The more you know!

16. Peeling off a sticker is far too much effort in the 21st century.

Twitter: @tweetsbyjessie

Down with stickers.

17. Some people might say eating rice with a random lid instead of a fork is trashy, but those people suck.

Twitter: @LlamasInOnesies

How dare they judge you!

18. And a broken clothes hanger is obviously not useless garbage, it is an acceptable and ingenious eating tool.

Twitter: @AmyHaskayne

Never throw anything away, because you never know when you might need a makeshift spoon.

19. Thankfully, the supermarkets are here to save us from ever having to do anything ever again.

Twitter: @dave_seed

Doing things is the worst.

20. Just IMAGINE peeling an orange!

Twitter: @Tao23


21. And these avocado halves? They are the most necessary thing the human race has ever created.

Twitter: @AvolutionFresh

Because if you can't have a world with pre-peeled, pre-pitted, pre-packaged avocado halves, what's even the point of being alive?

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