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45 Iconic Things Everyone Who Was Born In 1992 Will Remember

Why be a '90s kid or a '00s kid when you can be both?

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1. The life-changing moment when you were finally allowed your first mobile phone, which was obviously this.

2. But flip phones coming out a few years later, and this one being the coolest thing on the playground.

3. Being freaked out when Baby Born released a doll that could do this.

4. Scaring yourself shitless by reading Goosebumps before going to sleep.

5. Appearing on this show being your ultimate life goal.

6. Ash letting his Butterfree go and it being being way too real.

7. This public break-up of epic proportions.

8. Determining your whole future with a single sheet of paper.

9. Being outraged when Bob the fucking Builder made it to Christmas number one.


10. The full on excitement of your new baby Tamagotchi hatching.

11. These guys being the squads of your early childhood.

WGBH-TV / Disney / http://a.k.a. Cartoon / Nickelodeon

12. The incredibly heavy, original PlayStation, for which you had a shitload of memory cards, and could never remember which saves were on which.

13. But it did have the best games.


14. Spending ages wondering what these guys' faces looked like – and the joy of finally finding out.

#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow how hype we got when we saw their faces for the first time

15. Everyone believing that you could breed your gooey aliens by rubbing them back to back.

16. Every girl owning at least one Polly Pocket.

17. Having no idea what to do with your Saturday mornings when SM:TV Live aired for the last time.

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18. There being a time when this was the most exciting thing on the computer.

19. This magical building full of endless possibilities.

20. But having to rewind these all the way back to the beginning before taking them back.

21. Having to own and devour every single Jacqueline Wilson book.

22. Jumping as high as you could every time "Reach for the Stars" came on at the school disco.

23. Spending your weekday evenings signing in and out of MSN, hoping for your crush to notice you.

24. Loving to hate the big bad Wolf.

25. Using Limewire to download viruses and fake songs (and occasionally ones you actually wanted).

26. Wanting to be a witch even before Harry Potter.

Viacom Productions

27. Actually watching the Friends finale live, and probably crying your eyes out.

Warner Bros

28. Everyone whizzing round on one of these.

29. Guitar Hero coming out and everyone being totally obsessed with it.

30. Knowing you could only care about cancer if you had one of these bracelets.

31. Getting all your celebrity gossip from Smash Hits magazine.

Smash Hits
Smash Hits
Smash Hits

32. Everyone denying being an emo (especially the emos).

Island Records / Via

33. The most important slam dunk of all time.

Warner Bros /

34. Being too old to be able to admit to liking Busted and McFly, but secretly, no one had to know, right?

35. Everybody constantly quoting Little Britain, which probably wouldn't be allowed to exist nowadays.


36. Big Brother easily being the biggest show on TV – and cracking up at this golden moment from season seven.

Channel 4

37. Having to carry around one of these, as well as your CDs, if you ever wanted to listen to music in public.

38. Until the iPod came out, and it totally blowing your mind.


39. Ali-G bringing "booyakasha" into your daily lexicon.

Working Title Films

40. Halo coming out and it being an absolutely massive deal.

Microsoft Studios
Microsoft Studios

41. Everyone being totally shocked when Will Young beat Gareth Gates to the Pop Idol crown.

Thames Television

42. The world descending into total madness when a new Harry Potter book came out, and then reading it start to finish in about a day and a half.


43. Having to decide whether your best friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend should be your top friend on MySpace.

44. Surfing up and down the edge of Cinnabar Island so you could get infinite rare candies.


45. The Inbetweeners coming out when you were in sixth form and it hitting a little close to home.

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