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    57 Things You'll Learn When You Live With Your Best Friends

    They're a bunch of weird idiots, and that's why you love them.

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    1. They are all idiots.

    2. You know this because when you spend all your time with someone, they end up sharing even their stupidest thoughts.

    3. They are also all weird.

    4. And it only takes a few weeks of living together until all of your weird habits come streaming out.

    5. Your personal boundaries don't exist any more.

    6. To the point that you can be in the shower and they can be cleaning their teeth over the sink/using the toilet and that's totally cool.

    7. Somehow, you never, ever run out of conversation.

    8. Clothes = not as necessary as you always believed.

    9. Texting each other from your beds is 100% acceptable.

    10. There's no need to be passive-aggressive, you can just tell each other to get shit done.

    11. Ownership is actually quite an abstract concept.

    12. By which we mean your wardrobes will merge so much that you can barely remember what belongs to who any more.

    13. Your friend's bed is always comfier than yours.

    14. Especially after a night out.

    15. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your friend spooning you to sleep.

    16. Binge watching is way more fun when done in a big group.

    17. Watching an episode of a show you're watching together without them is the greatest crime.

    18. But no one gives a fuck if you nick a bit of milk or butter.

    19. If someone is eating, you will get jealous and have to get food too.

    20. There will always be someone who's up for a takeaway.

    21. It doesn't take long to get used to seeing your friends naked.

    22. It's very easy to start picking up each other's little habits.

    23. And you will even start talking like each other.

    24. Pre-drinking is very dangerous, to the point that sometimes you might not even make it out.

    25. Getting ready is much more fun, but also takes way longer.

    26. There is ~always~ a debrief after a big night out.

    27. Which is amazing when one of your housemates has done something hilarious and scandalous.

    28. But terrible when that housemate is you.

    29. Hangovers are a lot more bearable when your friends are around.

    30. Because there's solidarity in all feeling like shit together.

    31. Hearing your best friends have sex can be funny, gross, or annoying.

    32. Depending on how close their room is to yours.

    33. And what time it is.

    34. It's exciting to watch all your separate friendship groups merge into one.

    35. Getting stuff done becomes extremely difficult.

    36. No one outside of your house cares about your weird in-jokes.

    37. Which is their loss, because they're hilarious and awesome.

    38. You will share every little detail of each other's sex lives.

    39. It becomes impossible to overshare.

    40. Even when it comes to bowel movements.

    41. Nights in can be as good as nights out.

    42. You develop loads of stupid traditions that make no sense to anyone but you.

    43. Doing absolutely nothing can be surprisingly fun.

    44. Only one of you is actually competent at doing adult things like paying bills.

    45. Which means they will be stuck doing all of it.

    46. It sucks when that person is you.

    47. Meals can be much more than meals, they can be events.

    48. There's no better way to get close to someone than by living with them.

    49. Cooking is more fun when you do it with a friend.

    50. So is pretty much everything else.

    51. Even cleaning – but only just.

    52. Your friends get through a lot of toilet roll.

    53. If one of you is away for more than a few days, it feels kind of weird.

    54. You'll never have to ask for a cup of tea again.

    55. Surprise snacks bought by your housemates are the best kind of snacks.

    56. Sometimes you'll need time to yourself, and your friends will understand that.

    57. But there is nothing you appreciate more than having people you love around you when you've had a bad day.

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