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25 Pictures That Prove Hipsters Have Ruined Drinking For The Rest Of Us

Not even our alcohol is safe.

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1. Gin and cucumber is a classic combination, so why has no one ever thought of gin IN cucumber before?

2. And apples? I guess they're OK at being a fruit, but you know what they're great at? Holding a very small amount of cocktail!

3. What is even the point of buying a drink if you don't get a polaroid picture of yourself clipped on to it?

4. Beer is so much more delicious when you have to smash a hole in the top of the can yourself!

5. And wine, obviously, was always made to be served from a baby's bottle. It just makes so much sense!

6. A glass? Nah. I'd rather have a box of Coco Pops.

7. The two best ways to drink hard liquor are from a hip flask and in a glass over ice, so whoever did this is a GENIUS.

8. It's very important to keep track of your alcohol consumption, so really, everyone should be drinking from measuring jugs all the time.

9. Sure, science equipment is pretty useful for inventing stuff and making medicines and things, but what it's really for is extremely foamy beer.

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10. Cocktails from a light bulb, such a bright idea!

11. Beer from a teapot over ice – why is this only being thought of now?!

12. Actually drinking your booze is so 2012. Everyone knows the best way is to eat it as foam (from a miniature bath, obvs).

13. Unless of course, you are cool enough to just breathe it straight in.

14. Scorpion wine with just one scorpion? How lame. Obviously it's much better when you add ALL OF THE SCORPIONS EVER.

15. Drinking a shot out of an oyster shell that a stranger has probably already eaten from – this is what they meant when they talked about the American dream.

16. And what could be more quintessentially British than sipping a cocktail from an old Marmite jar?

17. It's ridiculous that we've been using glasses for so many years when old tin cans are CLEARLY so much nicer.

18. And lemon? We've been serving it IN the drink like idiots for far too long.

19. Back in two minutes, I'm just popping to the shop for a couple of jars of apple pie moonshine!

20. Although it's not quite as glamorous as these jars wrapped in bits of old sack that you can get from a bar.

21. Imagine using a camera lens to take pictures! How ridiculous!

22. Cardboard takeaway boxes are the perfect receptacle for drinks. It's a well-known fact that cardboard never gets soggy.

23. Drinking your booze from kitchen utensils is like taking a beautiful trip back to your student days.

24. Never throw anything away again. Anything can be a glass if you just believe (and put a small leaf in it).

25. Seriously. Regular glasses are so over. Drinking from clinical waste bins? Now that's the future.