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18 Of The Funniest Pranks People Have Actually Played In Real Life

Take your inspiration from the best.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the funniest pranks they've ever pulled – here are some of the best responses, along with the cream of the crop from the rest of the internet.

1. The "Mystery Brother"

For years I told my younger brother that he needed to stop annoying me or my parents would send him away like they had my older brother. I'm the oldest child, no older brother ever existed. He bought it every time; I even changed the name of the older brother each time. He never caught on, but he always stopped his annoying behaviour.

Submitted by brittanyg434adfc85


2. The "Fake Catch"

3. The "Letter From the President"

Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

I have a keychain that says "80% Human" on it. No one knows what this is supposed to mean (including myself) so naturally I wanted that keychain. My younger brother saw it and asked what the other 20% is. I told him that our ancestors participated in experimental studies and our DNA was to be 20% reptile. I told him the President would send him one in his 12th birthday with a note explaining what the keychain means and why he has to keep it on him at all times. He had his 12th birthday four days ago and he lost it when he received his letter from "the President", AKA me.

Submitted by lionhouse

4. The "Friendly Family"

I was watching a friend's house, and main decorations were photos of herself and friends everywhere. So, my buddy and I recreated all of the photos, with poses and facial expressions to match. My favourite was her family portrait, recreated with just two people and a panorama app. We replaced all the photos and hung them in the same places to see if she noticed. She flipped out.

Submitted by joannag46b9e86a1

5. The "Helping Hand"


7. The "Happy Retirement"

When my (awesome) boss was retiring, I went to all the nursing and retirement homes in our area and got their stationery, and then wrote him letters of welcome or rejection from all of these geriatric places, as though he had applied to live there. Some of the letters said stuff like "We'd love to help your achieve your dream of re-enacting the dance scene of Dirty Dancing with our residents", or "While we want our clients to feel at home, we think some people may find your plans for the foyer offensive." It took months, I sent dozens, it drove him crazy and best of all he never found out who was behind it all.

Submitted by Beachjeeper

9. The "Surprise Goat"

Umbertopantalone / Getty Images

Once, two of my girl friends and I "rented" a goat that the three of us named Charlotte from a woman who lived on a small farm ($75 for overnight goat access… what a bargain!) We then broke into our friend's home while he was at work, which means we went in through his back door he always kept unlocked, filled up some bowls with some pellets and water, put her in his bathroom, and quietly left as if we had never been there. The next morning he came home from work to find a goat curled up snoozing in his tub. The simple concept of a goat mysteriously winding up in his bathroom was the first part of the prank. The immense amount of poop she left behind was the second.

Submitted by caitiec43a58f57c

10. The "Monster From the Deep"

11. The "Vanishing Office"

I worked in a very small company, 14 people. The layout of the place was a long hallway, with offices off to the left, labs off to the right. The boss was going to be out of town for a week, so we planned it throughly beforehand. While he was gone we removed his office door and door frame. We sheetrocked, taped, primed, painted. We put up the carpet along the bottom four edges from the floor, so when you looked down the hall you could never tell his office was ever there. He came back on a Sunday, while I was working in the lab. He walked down the hall, tried to turn left into his office, which wasn't there any more. Looked at the wall, looked right, left, at me, back at the wall. I kept my nose to the bench in the lab. He didn't say a word, and left. I called the troops, who came in, and restored his office door. When he came in on Monday, no one said a word, pretending it had never happened. It was glorious.

Submitted by kimm20


13. "Sheep Number Three"

The best prank I know of wasn't one I took part in but it was my high school's senior prank a few years before I was there. They rented three sheep and labelled them 1, 2, and 4 and let them loose in the school. The entire staff spent all day searching for the non-existent number 3.

Submitted by chloer46263b14a

15. The "Chewbacca"


Put my friend's phone number in the talent portion of Craigslist advertising a "Best Chewbacca Roar Competition". I made sure to put if no answer, please leave a message with contact information to win $500... He was getting calls for over a month of Chewbacca roars on his voicemail.

Submitted by Alexandria Sullivan, Facebook

17. The "Hotel From Hell"

How we got into the hotel room shall forever remain secret, but once we had access, we put about six to eight travel alarm clocks hidden in extremely hard to find places; taped behind a hanging mirror, on the baseboard on the wall underneath the mattress at the front of the bed, taped to the bottom of the top drawer of a two-drawer nightstand. First one set to go off at about 2.30am, with the rest set to go off in 15-minute intervals 'til they were done. The results were breathtaking.

Submitted by Clay Cayce, Facebook


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